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Linea Vita is one of the most advanced currently available screening test, applying the latest in modern biology and medicine, to identify whether changes in your genes – known as variants or mutations – can lead to certain specific genetic conditions (click here for the list of genes/conditions) The test was developed by CytoGenomic Medical Laboratory, a leader in the field of next-generation diagnostic and genetic testing in Romania.
Many healthy people may carry genetic mutations that do not impact their health, but which can be passed on to their children and thus affect their children’s health. As you may be a carrier of such a mutation, knowing your carrier status can help you in your future reproductive management. At the same time, knowing your genetic makeup can also help you make health and lifestyle choices to minimize your own risks.
Linea Vita looks for genetic variants that may be passed on to children by healthy parents. Each of us may harbour a genetic defect and pass it on to our children without knowing. For instance, if a child receives two defective copies of the same gene from each of his/herparents, that child will be affected by a genetic condition; similarly, if a boy receives one defective copy of the X chromosome from his mother, he will also be affected.

By doing this test,you will know if your future children are at risk of being affected by one of the 217 genetic conditions screened.
The comprehensive results produced by your genetic health profile are a powerful resource, useful when making informed decisions concerning your children’s health.

Linea Vita tests 150 genes and lets you know whether you are a carrier of any of the 217 diseases that may affect your child. This advanced information is vital for your family planning.

Yes. That’s why the Linea Vita test is so important. You can be a carrier of a disease-causing change (mutation) without having any family or previous history of disease.
We are happy you are healthy! However, if both you and your partner are healthy carriers for anautosomal recesive disease, your children will have a 25% chance of being affected. That is why both you and your partner should get tested.
You will be guided by a genetics professional who will provide the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your family’s health and well-being. Options such as prenatal diagnosis and preimplantational embryo testing (PGT-M) are currently available.
If you’re planning on starting a family then both you and your partner should get tested, regardles of the method of conception you are undergoing: normal conception or assisted reproductive procedures (IVF).
Linea Vita is the latest clinically-based test offering the highest accuracy in detecting mutations in 150 genes. Samples are analysed employing the most recent scientific breakthroughs, genetic discoveries, and medical standards.
It’s simple, non-invasive, accurate, affordable and provides you with a complete genetic health profile that can be used towards a healthy future for you and your family.
It’s natural to still have some questions about taking the test. That’s why we suggest you discuss the benefits of this test with your physician or one of our trained medical geneticists.
Not necessarily. Any partner can be tested first, particularly in cases without a family history of a genetic disorder. Still, our recommendation is that the woman should do first the test and check if she is a carrier of an X-linked condition.
A negative result for one of the partners in a couple signifies that s/he will not pass any defective gene to her/his children. However, the second partner may still be a carrier of a genetic variant which can be transmited to the offspring. For better understanding of negative carrier screening results genetic counselling is highly adviced.
Your genes hold vital facts about you. And that’s very good news. Knowing your results will give you control over your own future and at the same time enable you to make educated decisions regarding family planning, as well as make sure you do not unintentionally pass on a genetic condition to your child. *As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, Linea Vita provides results via secure e-mail. If, however, you still wish to get a printed copy of your results, please let us know.
It is absolutely your right to select how your personal data is used or shared. On our part, we are committed to the highest bioethics principles and strictly adhere to GDPR regulations which are specifically designed to protect you and your interests. In short, we do not share any of your information without your permission.
Absolutely. It goes without saying that everyone should benefit from scientific advancements and to have access to information that will provide valuable insight into their own as well as their family’s health. That’s why Linea Vita is so affordable. This single test looks at 150 genes and can identify point mutations that possibly lead to disease. One test empowers you so that you don’t unknowingly pass on a genetic condition to your child, providing you with the information necessary for the healthiest possible future

The price for the Linea Vita test is very affordable. You can get screened for 217 genetic conditions for only 3900 RON.

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*In the case you receive positive results, it is advised to seek professional genetic counselling. Contact us for more:

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Contact us for a sample collection. You can do this by email, phone or by completing the below contact form.


A sample of buccal cells will be collected with a special swab. To finalize the test request, complete and sign the patient forms.


The sample arrives at our lab where it will be processed.


In 4 to 6 weeks, you will receive the analysis results through a password secured email.


The obtained results can now be discussed with your doctor. Also, you have the option to address to our specialists.