Linea Vita

Genetic Carrier Screening Test

A Blueprint to a Healthy Future

Linea Vita: A DNA Test that’s Much More than Just Hype

You’ve got the blueprint, we’ve got the expertise.

Your genetic information contains the code for all your characteristics – from eye and hair colour to the number of fingers on your hand, to the good functioning of your body.
Sometimes, inside the milliards of „letters” encoding this information, an error may be hidden, and disease may occur – in you or, if transmitted, in your child, who inherits his/her genes from both his/her parents.

Find out now what you need to know about YOU and improve your future children’s life, your common future. Linea Vita is a comprehensive DNA test that gives you the chance to actively participate in your family’s future health.

Linea Vita is one of the most advanced currently available screening test, applying the latest in
modern biology and medicine, to identify whether changes in your genes – known as variants or
mutations – can lead to certain specific genetic conditions (list of genes/conditions)

Nowadays, genetics seems to apply to everything, everywhere. To uncover one’s ancestry, to predict one’s aptitudes or risks of disease or response to drugs, to diagnose genetic disorders. Linea Vita will not bring you cute answers to impress your friends with your genetic predisposition to have a great memory, to sing like an angel or to compete with the greatest athletes. Linea Vita will provide solid, reliable information regarding your genetic make-up, that may be transmitted to your children, therefore empowering you in making informed choices for the future of your family.
You may be healthy but you can still be a carrier and at risk of passing certain variants to your children. At the same time, knowing your genetic makeup can also help you make health and lifestyle choices to minimize your own risks.
If you’re planning on creating a family and having a child then both you and your partner should get this test done. This is also highly recommended for couples undergoing assisted reproductive procedures (IVF).

Be Ahead of Your Family’s Health.

Perform this test and learn about the risk to carry any of 217 different inherited conditions, assessed
by experts using cutting – edge technology.

No need to look any further.
The miracle is in your DNA.

All you need to do is ask.

Linea Vita unravels the code of 150 of your genes,
known to lead – if abnormal – to 217 disorders selected on pertinent criteria (List – here).We
help you learn if your code hides any damaging alteration, that may put your future children
at risk of genetic disorder. Usually, these genetic disorders are discovered only after birth,
when their management options may be limited andtheir impact on your family life may be
significant. With Linea Vita, you will know in advance what are the steps to be taken in order
to assess and, if needed, to manage this risk.

Linea Vita helps you to make informed choices for your family planning, consistent with your values. Among your options are prenatal diagnosis, prenatal and postnatal specialist care, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, use of donated germ cells and IVF or adoption.

Linea Vita provides the answers.

Why Take the Test?

The incredible advancements of genetic science now give you the chance to tap in to your genetic makeup, learn about your health and empower you to make important decisions regarding your family’s future health.

Linea Vita is a comprehensive carrier screening test designed to find mutations in genes
associated with specific genetic conditions, that can be passed from healthy carrier parents to
their affected children (find out more here )

Linea Vita tests 150 genes and lets you know whether you are a carrier of any of the 217 diseases that may affect your child. This advanced information is vital for your family planning.

We are happy you are healthy! However, if both you and your partner are healthy carriers for an autosomal recesive disease, your children will have a 25% chance of being affected. That is why both you and your partner should get tested.


Contact CytoGenomic Medical Laboratory to get your buccal cells sample collected or to acquire your sample collection kit.


While there is no such thing as ”best time”, if you’re planning on creating a family and having a child, then both you and your partner should get this test done prior to pregnancy, regardless your family history of genetic disease.

How much does it cost?

The price for the Linea Vita test is very affordable. You can get screened for 217 genetic conditions for only 3900 RON

The Benefits:

So, what next?


Contact us for a sample collection. You can do this by email, phone or by completing the below contact form.


A sample of buccal cells will be collected with a special swab. To finalize the test request, complete and sign the patient forms.


The sample arrives at our lab where it will be processed.


In 4 to 6 weeks, you will receive the analysis results through a password secured email.


The obtained results can now be discussed with your doctor. Also, you have the option to address to our specialists.